If elected I will work to protect affordable housing in Vancouver and lobby city hall for the development of civic owned social housing. I will lobby the Provincial Government to give Vancouver the ability to implement a luxery housing tax that will be based on income and will include incentives for landlords who rent out units at affordable civic rates.

  • Build Affordable City Owned Rental Housing (Affordable defined as costing less than 30% of income).
  • Property tax rebates for landlords who provide housing that is less than $961/month for a one bedroom and less than $1817/month for 2+ bedrooms.

I will work with City Hall to create a Vancouver Renter’s Office to register all landlords/agents, as well as licensing them, records rental rates and inspects for standard of maintenance and facilitates landlord and renter dispute resolution of both housing and business spaces.

I will lobby City Hall to create a plan for the implemation of a replacement program for over 4,000 units of private owned low-income and SRO hotel rooms with quality social housing.  Residents must be provided with alternative safe housing at equal cost during construction.

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  • I will work with City Hall to  put limits on the construction of highrise towers.

Highrise construction is not only more costly per square metre of space it is more difficult for these buildings to be constructed in a sustainable manner compared to  the more environmentally friendly lower rise housing.

  • Green energy & environmental efficiency grants to retrofit existing buildings that are affordable that are recoverable if sold and/or not maintained as affordable.

I will work with City Hall to make it a requirement that prior to any rental housing being  demolished in Vancouver. That the tenants of the to be demolished/renovated building must be relocated in the same neighbour at the same rate in comparable previous accommodation, that the tenants will have the right to return to the aforementioned building at a comparable space if desired by the former occupant and that the moving costs are borne by the landlord.