Arts, Accessibility and Culture

I will work to establish a community land reserve program to protect Vancouver’s green space and neighbourhoods, particularly in the Downtown Eastside. Essentially this will work to rezone and protect dedicated buildings within the Community Land Reserve, meaning that we will have protections against mass redevelopment on a neighborhood scale.

I will work with city hall to increase funding to arts and culture, in addition to working with the public so that the people of Vancouver have greater input into the design of new facilities and parks. I will consult with the public and civic employees to identify better ways of reusing and recycling waste and work with city hall to create incentives for innovative ideas.


Require all new public construction to be accessible to people different abilities, including non-gendered bathrooms and changing facilities, rapid renovation all civic facilities to be accessible. Mandate the distribution of civic facilities throughout the City. Make sure that all Civic services are accessible regardless of income or immigration status. Creating more handicapped parking with a pass to make parking affordable for handicapped people and their support people. Evaluating duration of time available for people to cross road at crosswalks and implementing visual as well as auditory signal of remaining time.

Prioritizing the smoothing of sidewalk to prevent trip/fall injuries and replacement with permeable sidewalks so that tree roots do not regularly cause them to be uneven. Creating safe housing and leisure/recreation/shopping opportunities for the LGBTQ+ community. Create free shuttles to places like the Vancouver Museum and the Maritime Museum from major transit routes. Create wheelchair accessible picnic areas. As well many other accessible issues.

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     Affordable Business, Leisure, Cultural & Entertainment Space

Property Tax Rebates for business spaces, leisure, cultural & entertainment spaces with increased rebates for those that accept the “Leisure Access Pass”. Extend where the “Leisure Access Pass” is accepted to Fitness Facilities and Programmes and Civic Theatre Spaces and beyond. Including in police budget the cost of major policing major events so that they are not overtime for police and don’t prevent cultural and leisure events from occurring.

Public Safety

Increasing the Police budget to make sure they are fully trained to support the evolving nature of their work as well supporting Civic First Responders with PTSD especially during the Opioid Crisis. Prioritize the focus of policing on safety rather than criminalization. Create an independent office to investigate police complaints. Ensure that housing is built that is safe for seniors, people of differing abilities and the LGBTQ+ communities.